Setting Up an Internet Radio Station What You Need to Know

Icecast / Shoutcast Hardare encoder Steam Monster allows you to think beyond the boundaries of your everyday life and lets you become the internet sensation you have always wanted to be. If you dream about having your very own radio station, then Steam Monster is the best service that you can think of. With low prices you will immediately be added to the exclusive community and directory and you will be able to sync your account with a free cell phone app. There is no configuration necessary and no computer needed! Here are a few tips that you can use when starting an internet radio station with Steam Monster.

Zerhex Bridge G1 Hardware Broadcasting Encoders.

Even though Stream Monster has a very sophicated cloud base panel, most serious broadcaster cannot reliably run a live audio channel solely on a cloud base or computer software system. Abosolutely no professional radio broadcaster would install a software and leave it broadcasting audio 24 hours a day. This is just a disaster waiting to happened. A simple power failure would have you running back to the studio.

Icecast / Shoutcast Hardare encoder

For years this has been an issue for online broadcasters trying to run a stable online radio station, this is why stream monster teamed up with one of the most advance audio processing equipment manufacturer in the USA to bring full hardware broadcasting devices with a mixture of cloud base remote control to keep your online radio station broadcasting 24/7.

With the Zerhex or Voice Stream broadcasting equipments all you have to do is plug it in and it automatically loads your accounts setting then start broadcasting to your account. No confusing configuration required.

If you have multiple djs or hosts on your station then no problem . These devices will take care of all your automatic scheduling and also podcasting.

Choosing a Icecast or Shoutcast server

Usually with other online radio services, you would have to set up a server in order to broadcast. With Steam Monster, that is done for you. When you order your device and choose a payment plan, you only have to select a server like ShoutCast or IceCast that has already been configured by Steam Monster. You will also be able to choose the amount of listeners you would like to reach when you stream your content.

Build a website

Every great radio station has a website and you should build it before you even start broadcasting. The Steam Monster app links to your website and with the device you can easily record the content that you distribute. This is then posted onto your website where listeners can access it later if they have missed it. The great thing about it is that you do not need any knowledge of HTML. You simply cut and paste the widget code onto your website and it will be ready for listening whenever your users are ready.

Market your station

Again, Steam Monster has made this aspect so easy for you! You do not have to worry about marketing at all. Once you have set up your account with Steam Monster, you will automatically be added onto the directory that is accessed by over a million people! You will also be able to engage with other broadcasters and listen to their channels. The app allows you to link your station and your website to your social media accounts for better marketing strategies and there are amazing ad perks that you can use to implement advertising in your radio station.

Call to listen telephone numbers

Stream Monster also provide you with local telephone dial in number for your listeners with low data to call and listen to your broadcast at no additional cost.

You can also setup conference call and call in to broadcast that audio on your account.

For more information please contact our live chat support by visiting and clicking on the live chat button located at the bottom of the page.

No website or html knowledged required.