Icecast and Shoutcast broadcaster IOS App

Voice Stream Broadcasting Client App

The VoiceStream Broadcasting Client App is a live audio streaming app that allows you to broadcast live audio to any IceCast or Shoutcast account. The feature is readily available for free to all our members. Stream Monster annihilates the hassle associated with broadcasting live events from remote locations. The only requirement is to install the VoiceStream Mobile App to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Live Audio Broadcasting
  • Auto Line In Detection
  • Free to All Members
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Zero Configuration Mode
  • ShoutCast & IceCast Support

Now Available

Mobile broadcasting with no wires attached. Features include:

Zero Configuration Mode

As soon as the app is installed to your device, no further configurations will be necessary. The personalized settings on your account will be applied automatically once you have logged in using your account’s username and password.

ShoutCast & IceCast Support

The VoiceStream App also accommodates ShoutCast and IceCast radio streaming servers. Simply Plug and Play to get your broadcast up and running.

Live Audio Broadcasting Client

The VoiceStream Client App allows you to transmit live audio directly from your smart device, to your shoutcast or icecast server.

Unlimited Accounts

Clients have the opportunity of starting unlimited accounts. All streaming accounts related to your profile will appear, as soon as you are logged in, using your Stream Monster username and password.

Automatic Line In Detection

Users may broadcast live audio from mobile devices using built-in microphones or streaming done via Auxiliary Input Cables (A.I.Cs).

Free to All Members

There are no charges associated with the VoiceStream Client App. This benefit is available solely to Stream Monster clients and partners.