Live broadcasting app for Shoutcast and Icecast

Posted by Shelua Vlad on 17 Jul 2016. 16 comments

Icecast and Shoutcasting Broadcasting app for IOS

Internet radio station has become one of the most popular aspects of technology. Consumers no longer have to listen to the radio in their cars that has one thousand minutes of commercial playtime. Why waste their time on such non-sense when they can download an app on their phone within 10 seconds and listen to any genre of Internet radio most likely commercial free. Internet broadcasting is the new fad or should I say the new way of life!

Suppose you chose not to be the everyday consumer and want to host and broadcast your own radio station? There’s nothing holding you back other than you. Stream Monster has created an easy to use broadcaster equipment to aid in this new journey. This special piece of equipment is called Voice Stream Broadcaster.

Unlike many other broadcasters out there, Voice Stream Broadcaster doesn’t require any configuration. The user is only required to plug in the equipment and start broadcasting live. The zero-configuration mode is supported by and it allows the built-in interface to automatically configure the device for you (you will need to register at The device has several features such as IceCast and ShoutCast support, auto-configure, full stereo, remote control/access, and much more.

For those of you that are new to the world of live audio broadcasting, IceCast is a streaming media server that can be used to create an Internet radio station that allows for versatility of multiple formats. ShoutCast is simply a website that hosts or gives access to thousands of live radio stations online. Do not confuse this program to be only for the creation of live Internet broadcasts…it is also for consumers who simply wans to broadcast live audio online (whatever your topic of choice may be).

Internet radio can be a little tricky if you do not know what you’re doing, but thanks to the creators of Voice Stream Broadcaster it is quite simple. Not only is this program accessible online (desktop, laptop, etc), there is also an app that allows the program to be operated on mobile devices or tablets. has compiled for simple steps to setup the device.
• Go to and login using your Stream Monster username and password
• Click on Stream Broadcaster and select ad/remove device
• Click add Broadcaster Client
• Select your device
So, easy right?! Once you are setup and logged in you will have access to IceCast, ShoutCast, and Stream Monster. You will officially have your very own live Internet radio station that you (and your friends maybe) will host FREE of charge. Now that you know creating and setting up an Internet Radio Station is simple and you know how to set it up, tell your friends to tell their friends. Get your followers and grow your audience. There is no better way to voice your opinion and hear others opinions about today’s hot topics. Head over to and get started.


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