Nicecast ending Choosing the right Alternatives


On March 1st, 2018, the makers of Nicecast broadcasting software announced that they would be retiring development of the widely used broadcasting software client.

Nicecast has been around since 2003 and was well accepted in the broadcasting industry because of how easy it was to accomplish a live broadcast.

The software requires a Mac to operate. Most professional radio broadcaster chose to broadcast from a Mac because of the of the stability Apple’s operating system had to offer.

A lot has changed over the years with the discovery of new technology and easy access to a vast pool of radio broadcasters & engineers sharing their experiences and knowledge for the advancement of online live audio broadcasting.

Since 2018 survey post a whopping 93% of broadcasters transitioned from software broadcasters to hardware broadcasting devices.

Hardware broadcaster are now cheaper than most software broadcasters that are on the market today. They are more reliable and cost significantly and less to setup since they don’t require you to purchase a Mac or A PC on top of cost to purchase the software.

Alternative to Nicecast and other software encoders..

TWO-IN-ONE Audio broadcaster & Receiver.
The Zerhex Bridge G1 allows broadcasters to Broadcast live audio online , Record Episodes, Schedule Host Runtimes , Built in LAN Audio Server, P2P Audio transmission , Playback live audio feed , Auto Upload & Update RSS/XML feeds including Itunes and other podcast directories. Supported formats (MP3, OGG PCM, G.711, G.722).

Zerhex Bridge G1 with On Air Sign

Broadcast Stability

For years this has been an issue for online broadcasters trying to run a stable online radio station, this is why stream monster teamed up with one of the most advance audio processing equipment manufacturer in the USA to bring full hardware broadcasting devices with a mixture of cloud base remote control to keep your online radio station broadcasting 24/7.

  • Will automatically resume after power failure. Computers are designed to stay off after power failure then wait for human intervention.
  • No freezing. Hardware encoders use dedicated CPU to process one task.
  • Better sound card and connectors. Most PC uses 3.5 mm connection.
  • Easily connect to most audio source in remote locations
  • Portable. Easily transport and setup device for remote events
  • For full lists of Advanage please visit

With the Zerhex or Voice Stream broadcasting equipments all you have to do is plug it in and it automatically loads your accounts setting then start broadcasting to your account. No confusing configuration required.

If you have multiple djs or hosts on your station then no problem . These devices will take care of all your automatic scheduling and also podcasting.

Choosing a Icecast or Shoutcast server


  • Supported Extensions 
  • Encoding Mode
  • MPEG-1 Layer 3
    Mono and stereo, Joint Stereo or Dual Channel
  • PCM codec
    2 Channels
  • Codec
    MP3, HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2),; MPEG-1 Layer 3; raw PCM, OGG
  • Sample rates
    32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
  • Bitrates
     Up to 320 kbps (MPEG-1);
  • Streaming Server
    Shoutcast v1, v2 / Icecast compatible TCP/IP stream
  • Point to Point
  • Direct audio point to point transmission. No broadcast server required.
  • Audio Recorder
    MicroSD, Cloud recorder - Save audio directly to cloud server
  • Broadcast schedule
    Set broadcast connect and disconnect schedule
  • Recorder & recorder schedule
    Set record schedule
  • Network
    RJ-45 , Ethernet
  • Analog audio input
  • Connector
    RCA (Left & Rigth) , stereo
  • User control panel
    Full control and status information
  • Cloud interface
    Access configuration panel from any web browser on 
    the internet without port forwarding or proxy.
  • Mobile interface
    Mobile App
  • Operating conditions
  • Temperature
    40° C to 70° C
  • Humidity
    < 75%, non-condensing
  • Power requirements
  • Voltage
    5V DC
  • Connector
    3.5mm X 1.35mm Dc Power
  • Dimension
  • Size
    105 x 25 x 105 mm
  • Configuration profile
  • Config Profile
  • Config Mode
    Zero configuration mode supported
  • Geographical Filter
  • Geographical Blocking
    Supports API geographical blocking mode


Call to listen telephone numbers

Stream Monster also provide you with local telephone dial in number for your listeners with low data to call and listen to your broadcast at no additional cost.

You can also setup conference call and call in to broadcast that audio on your account.

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